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What Is The Earthstewards Network?

Who are we?

We are an international network of women and men dedicated to stewardship of the earth. We believe that 'together we make a difference.' We take personal responsibility for our part in the unfolding drama of planetary evolution and consciousness. Earthstewards are people everywhere, connected by a network of communication and consciousness, who know the power of their thoughts and actions are directing them in the loving service of their sisters and brothers and of their planet. We seek to support each other in this important work. As a network, we are loosely linked. While we do not hold regular meetings, we seek to promote opportunities to meet, network and support each as individuals as well as through projects and programs.

What do we do?

We sponsor projects, such as PeaceTrees, Essential Peacemaking/Women and Men, and Citizen Diplomacy trips. We promote networking -- informally, at annual gatherings, through our most recent newsletter - and now, with the introduction of cyberspace, through e-mail and this web-site. We offer tools, training, books, tapes, and links to resources to support us all in co-creating a more caring and peaceful world. There are many ways to participate.

How can you help?

There are many ways to support the Earthstewards. The best way is to join us and become a member! Find a way to participate. Work on your own personal transformation. Appreciate yourself for the work you do and affirm those around you for all our efforts towards planetary transformation and peacemaking.

Just a click away...

You can follow links on this page to find out about our mission and purpose, the history of the Earthstewards Network, our board and staff, and our worldwide members. You can check out our currently active projects like Peacetrees Vietnam, and you can learn about our past projects. You can also learn about our personal growth and training programs and visit the Earthstewards store. You may also want to join the Earthstewards Network or make a donation. Can you volunteer your time or services? We also publish the Earthstewards newsletter. Perhaps you would like to check out other similar organizations or even find out about our sponsors and supporters or maybe you would like to go back to the home page.

If you notice any mistakes or changes needed to this page, please notify webmaster@earthstewards.org

The Earthstewards Network
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