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The Earthstewards Board

The Earthstewards Network Board of Directors is dedicated to serve and support all Earthstewards during these times of peace and conflict, oneness and separation. As Earthstewards, we are committed to the Earthstewards Network vision, and in so doing to expand dialogues and compassionate relationships for deepened and caring human connections.

Earthstewards are a highly collaborative and self-directed network of mutually-nurturing people, always with the goal of personal growth and social change aimed at healing and caring for our planet.

Current board members are listed below. You may contact any of them directly by e-mail. We want to hear your ideas and thoughts and need your help in creating a new vision and in widening our Network.

Name E-mail Picture
Jerilyn Brusseau jerilynbru@aol.com images/JerilynB2-sm.jpg  
Bruce Haley bruceh@synapps.com images/Bruce_Haley.jpg  
Charlie Olson      

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The Earthstewards Network
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