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Completed Peacetrees Projects

Date Location Description

Jul 1998
Jul 2004

Salt Lake City, UT Healing the Earth through Healing Ourselves
Aug 1997 Nairoki, Kenya Recreation Park Nairobi
Nov 1996 Dong Ha Town, Vietnam Friendship Forest Park
July 1996 Rotterdam, Holland PeaceTree Lowlands
April 1995 Cape Town, South Africa PeacePark creation in Kayelitsha Township
March 1995 Bourin Village, Palestine Integenerational Environmental Work
Dec 1994 Auroville, South India Youth from 15 Countries
Aug 1994 Olympic Peninsula, WA Urban, Inner City Youth
Sept 1993 Berne, Switzerland Tribal Youth, Youth-at-Risk
Aug 1993 Salmon Arm, B.C. Canada Five Native Bands, Youth-at-Risk
Aug 1993 Tacoma, WA Youth-at-Risk, Shalishan Neighborhood
Aug 1993 Olympic National Forest, WA Tribal, Homeless, Youth-at-Risk
Aug 1993 Klamath Wildlife Refuge, OR Youth-at-Risk
July 1993 Sonoma County, CA Tribal Youth
July 1992 Camden, NJ New Jersey Department of Corrections: Youth
July 1991 Bri Bri, Costa Rica Restored farmers' land usurped by United Fruit Co.
July 1991 Brooklyn, NY Neighborhood Youth Center, Bedford-Stuyvesent
Oct 1990 Los Angeles, CA L.A. Gang Members of Watts and Pacoima
May 1990 Washington, D.C. Youth-at-Risk; Anacostia Areas
April 1990 Bluefields, Nicaragua Aided recovery from Hurricane Joan
Feb 1989 Costa Rica Developing Countries' Youth
Dec 1988 Auroville, South India American, Soviet, Indian Youth

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