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Essential Peacemaking:
Women and Men

We invite you to make a positive difference participating in the everyday peacemaking that is fundamental to our planet - the communication between women and men.

Beneath the surface of many world problems lies a core of misunderstanding and often mistrust between women and men. It begins with the ways we teach our children, and continues to manifest in the attitudes and behaviors of the leaders who influence families, communities and nations. When enough of us know how to use our natural passion for healing instead of hurting, we will see changes in the generations to come.

Essential Peacemaking: Women and Men was developed to go beyond past patterns of relating by honoring the strengths and natural wisdom each gender has to offer. These workshops are not therapy and do not focus on individual relationships. They do emphasize new communication skills, genuine practiced listening, and active dialogue. By creating new models of cooperation and leadership between and within the sexes, we can move towards the 21st century as compassionate allies.

This three-step workshop process leads towards accreditation so that men and women can initiate and co-lead Essential Peacemaking workshops in their own communities, nations, and throughout the world.

The One-Day Gathering

During this eight-hour workshop, you will learn skills in collaborative communication and have the opportunity to practice those skills in both single-gender and mixed-gender processes. The One-Day Gathering is complete in itself, and, if you choose, is the first step towards accreditation.

The Two-Day Training

This training expands and deepens the work begun in the One-Day Gatherings with emphasis on individual and small group exploration. Through simple, yet powerful exercises you will have the opportunity to share with men and women the strengths and wisdom of your gender. In this workshop you will also take steps towards understanding what is needed to become an effective co-leader.

Advanced Three-Day Training

This training prepares you to become an accredited facilitator of the One-Day Gatherings. It is an opportunity for participants to develop tools for healing and facilitation skills that deepen the exploration of personal and planetary male/female conflict. Certification is based on approval of the Three-day training team.
At the heart of this program is the philosophy that ordinary people have the caring and capability to gather small groups of women and men together to share with each other in deep and meaningful ways, freeing us to become powerful partners in global leadership.

Essential Peacemaking/Women and Men, begun in 1989, is now offered by over 400 Accredited Facilitators throughout North and South America, Europe and Asia. Here are links to some of them.

Links to Scheduled Events

If your are interested in attending an Essential Peacemaking/Women & Men event in your area, here is a link to some of those that are scheduled this year around the country and the world. This list is updated regularly. I hope you can make it to one, or contact a coordinator and bring an event to your area. Many trained facilitators are more than willing to travel.

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