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Earthstewards Mission and Purpose


The mission and vision of organizations must evolve as the organization grows and changes. With Danaan's passing, Earthstewards has revisit and revised our mission statements:

Earthstewards is a worldwide multicultural network dedicated to inspiring and empowering ordinary people to stretch, grow and learn. We take bold action for conflict transformation and the creation of positive relationships bridging boundaries of gender, age, culture, race, nations and beliefs.


The purpose of Earthstewards is:

Underlying our purpose are the following core beliefs:

Values and commitment to Stewardship

Becoming an Earthsteward involves a commitment to becoming a catalyst of change - within yourself and in your world. The Network is founded on the belief that when each of us takes an active role in personal and planetary transformation, our world is a little closer to its next quantum step in conscious evolution. The Sevenfold Path of Peace is a model for conscious living and stewardship. Say YES expresses a spirit of its essence. The Network is here to support members in becoming change agents and helping each of us find our own path of service.

Organizational Structure

Earthstewards is a member driven organization, led by a board with the support of several staff and lots of volunteers. We have members from all over the world. As a Network, we are loosely linked and do not hold regular meetings. We seek opportunities to meet, network and support each as individuals as well as through projects and programs. We promote networking -- informally, at annual gatherings, through our newsletter - and now, with the introduction of cyberspace, through e-mail and this web-site. We offer tools, training, books, tapes, and links to resources to support us all in co-creating a more caring and peaceful world.

Additional Information

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The Earthstewards Network
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