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The Sevenfold Path of Peace

by Danaan Parry

  1. When we are at peace within our own hearts, we shall be at peace with everyone and with our Mother the Earth.

  2. When we recognize that our planet itself is a living organism co-evolving with humankind, we shall become worthy of Stewardship.

  3. When we see ourselves as stewards of our planet and not as owners and masters of it, there shall be lasting satisfaction from our labors.

  4. When we accept the concept of Right Livelihood as the basic right of all, we shall have respect for one another.

  5. When we respect the sacredness of all life, we shall be truly free.

  6. When we free ourselves from our attachment to our ego-personalities, we shall be able to experience our Oneness.

  7. When we experience our Oneness--our total connectedness with all beings--we shall be at peace within our own hearts.

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