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Danaan Parry

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Danaan John Raymond Parry, born in Orange, New Jersey, spent his childhood on the Jersey shore. Later he became a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Coast Guard and spent a year at the North Pole, a year at the South Pole, then served as skipper of a search-and-rescue vessel in New York Harbor.

Distressed by the thought that his work could contribute to creating more destructive atomic weapons, Parry left his job as a research physicist with the United States Atomic Energy Commission to study psychology. He became a clinical psychologist and served on the faculty of the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.

A harrowing near-death experience on a deserted Kauai beach led him to a year of isolation. A meeting with Mother Teresa in Bombay deeply impressed him. After five years of living with friends in the mountains of Northern California, he felt the need to bring spirituality off the mountain and into the world. He and Lila Forest created the Holy Earth Foundation in 1980.

Through this foundation (now known as the Earthstewards Network), Danaan's work in conflict resolution developed around the world. He worked in Northern Ireland, bringing together Catholic and Protestant teens to plant trees and communicate. In 1983, he brought groups of Soviet citizens to the USA and American groups to the former Soviet Union to melt the fear and prejudice that has often divided the people of these countries. Since 1990, Earthstewards has run the Israel-Palestine Compassionate Listening Project which promotes Jewish-Israeli-Palestinian friendship.

Danaan believed deeply in the necessity of creating collaborative models of gender relations, and co-created the Essential Peacemaking Women and Men program with his wife, Jerilyn Brusseau.

Danaan's most recent gift to the world was PeaceTrees Vietnam, his and Jerilyn's vision of healing the wounds of war by getting the former enemies to cooperate in removing land mines remaining from the Vietnam War. An international group of volunteers then works side by side with Vietnamese people to reforest the barren battlefield. This bold program and the work of the Earthstewards Network embody Danaan's commitment to practical spirituality.

Through his Warriors of the Heart workshops, thousands of people from many countries have been inspired to tap their own natural ability to resolve conflict and lead more effective lives.

Danaan's ability to help people find the humanity behind the image of "enemy" brought him international recognition and made him thousands of friends around the world. Danaan Parry with President Clinton He was as comfortable with heads of state as with families and shopkeepers in remote villages. He continually worked to inspire individuals to take personal action in circumstances that seem hopeless.

The Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility gave Danaan the Paul Beeson Award for notable citizenship in 1993. The California Leadership Program named him Peace Leader of the Year. Danaan and the Earthstewards received the Boise Peace Quilt Award in 1992.

On November 13, 1996, Danaan Parry suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on Bainbridge Island, Washington, at 57.

Danaan's work as a global visionary and humanitarian will continue to enrich the human family for generations to come.

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