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How to Initiate a Project

We encourage all network members to create and initiate projects and activities. If you seek our official blessing or active support, we want to say yes whenever possible.

Informal local projects may ask nothing more of the Network than a blessing and perhaps some publicity in our newsletter and Web site. Others may require use of resources, staff, or funds and an official connection to the organization. Activities of the latter type need Board review.

We need to coordinate our efforts, maintain open lines of communication, and ensure the healthy development of the Network. Thus we must consider each proposal in view of the whole.

To present a proposed project to the Board, please answer the questions below in writing.

Project Proposal to the Board

  • Your name, phone, e-mail, address, etc.
  • Name of the item for the Board agenda
  • What specific action you are asking the Board to take. Possible examples are:
    • A vote to approve a project or event.
    • A vote of confidence to proceed with planning.
    • A vote to form a committee or task force .
    • Agreement to be listed as co-sponsor of project
  • A complete description of the event, budget item, co-sponsorship idea, new policy or procedure you propose.
    • Please write this in bulleted list form.
    • Enumerate the pros and cons of the proposal.
    • Delineate the risks, possible rewards, potential for generating revenue, etc.
  • State exactly what you would like the Network to do. Possible examples are:
    • Put the Earthstewards name on an event as sponsor.
    • Provide training or staff.
  • Explain how your proposal fits in with our mission, vision and current goals.

Please bear in mind that our staff and resources are limited at this time. However, caring and loving support along with advice and a wealth of wisdom from years of rich experience are abundant. Successful projects need to be self-funding and self-staffed.

If you notice any mistakes or changes needed to this page, please notify webmaster@earthstewards.org

The Earthstewards Network
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