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If you are a member of the Earthstewards Network, you can post a link to your personal site.

Send an email message to webmaster@earthstewards.org with a brief paragraph describing your site. Be sure to include a link to your site in the text.

  • The Hope Flowers School : Home of Peace Education in the Middle East. This is our goal at Al Amal, to infuse our children with the importance, beauty and necessity of peace. Hussein Ibrahim Issa. Hope Flowers School is a Palestinian school in El Khader, in the south Bethlehem area of the West Bank (Palestine), dedicated to education for coexistence, peace, non-violence and democracy, We want you to know about Hope Flowers, because it really does represent a flowering of hope for peaceful relations between Palestinians and Israelis.

  • Susie Lawing: This is Susie Lawing in Northern California. I have 2000 gallons of the best quality olive oil you can buy and 3000lbs of prunes. I want to give my fellow Earthsteward the opportunity to purchase these certified organic (and medicinal) foods.Peter James,another Earthsteward, is also part of our LLC. We here have much to share, especially as it relates to food distribution,growing and lands available.

    Our website is http://www.4oliveus.com.
    Love, Susie

  • Opening of the Heart: Opening of the Heart in the Middle East: an exhibition on Compassionate Listening.

  • Barbara Williams-Sheng: Barbara Williams-Sheng is producing beautiful cards of her original artwork, with sayings from the Essene Book of Days printed on the inside. The cards are 5x7, a brilliant white linen stock with an original gelatin silver print mounted on the front . . . each card is numbered and signed . . . they are individually hand printed black and white prints . . . each comes with an envelope. An option for framing would be to put the front art and the inside poetry in a side by side frame.
        The cost is $20 per card. Jerilyn and the Board approved a 10% contribution of the initial 100 hand printed/produced cards because of the large amount of time and effort required to produce them. Sales from the first 100 (limited edition, signed and numbered) will be used for the mass production of 500 of each image; at that time the % will be somewhere between 30-50% to support ESN projects.
        To order: contact Barbara at barbwsheng@yahoo.com or by phone at 408-729-5590

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