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Other Organizations of Similar Purpose

Earthstewards are active all over the world and often meet other people with a similar commitment to make the world a better place. Here are some organizations of similar purposes. Please let us know if there are others we should include.

  • Context: The message from Context Institute is sustainable living - living gently with the earth so there will be something left for offspring. For many years, they published In Context magazine, and have now goneonline on the Internet to reach their audience in a more timely manner.

  • FallenWarriors: The Fallen Warriors Foundation is a charitable, nonprofit organization dedicated to honoring the sacrifices of American soldiers and healing the wounds of war. Jack Estes was a United States Marine during the Vietnam war, and faced first hand the horrors of warfare. Jack Estes and his wife, Colleen O'Callaghan, founders of Fallen Warriors attended Danaan Parry's Basic Warriors of the Heart training in Eugene, OR in the fall of 1991 and the Advanced Warriors a few weeks later and have maintained contact with Earthstewards ever since.

  • Findhorn: The Findhorn Bay Community is an international community and developing eco-village of about 350 people living, studying and working together in the northeast of Scotland.

  • JPF: Jewish Peace Fellowship (JPF) is an affiliate of the IFOR (International Fellowship of Reconciliation) and of FOR/USA. JPF was established in 1941. We are a Jewish presence in the world of peace organizations and a voice for nonviolence in the Jewish world. For more details see our website, http://www.nonviolence.org/jpf. The email address is jpf@forusa.org

  • MAMA: Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse was formed in 1982 to address the multi-faceted issues of substance use, misuse and abuse. Their approach is based on personal responsibility and informed decision making, with respect for human dignity.

  • Pillion Centaur Centre: We are developing a new, community based, holistic centre for worshops and retreats in Greece. The Centre's vision is to bring the spirit of the intentional communities movement to create new models for living, working and relating to a summer holiday. We offer a full workshop program in the summer months, which include courses in healing, creativity, personal growth and deep ecology. We also offer work exchanges for staff interested to join the project. Please visit our website at http://www.kalikalos.org

  • Radio For Peace: Radio For Peace International, an international shortwave radio station located in Costa Rica, addresses the world community in order to encourage and stimulate dialogue on issues related to peace, including peace education, environmental issues, the elimination of world hunger and the establishment of social justice.
    Joe Bernhard
    Radio Paz Internacional
    P.O. Box 88
    Santa Ana, Costa Rica
    Tel +506 / 249 1821
    Fax +506 / 249 1095
    Email: info@rfpi.org

  • VVAF: The 1997 Nobel Peace Prize awarded, in two equal parts, to the The Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation's International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) and to the campaign's coordinator Jody Williams for theirwork for the banning and clearing of anti-personnel mines. Earthstewards' PeaceTreesVietnam is a close associate of the VVAF, and we are delighted and extremely proud of thework the VVAF and PeaceTrees Vietnam have done to rid the planet of the scourge ofanti-personnel mines.

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