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Daily Physical Communions of the Essenes

It was of the highest importance to the Essene communities that the world of the spirit would be integrated with the world of the flesh. They practiced not only mental but also physical attunement to the higher forces.

The following daily attunements are in keeping with this Essene practice. Combined with daily meditation, they can be used to connect intimately the world of the spirit, mind, and physical body that exist within your being.


The beginning of the Essene week is devoted to food consciousness. If possible, reserve this day for fasting. Take in only water, or perhaps some juice or herbal tea. If fasting is not possible every Saturday, consume as little food as is necessary and become highly conscious of the quality and the benefits of the food. Attune your body to the vibration of the liquid or food, so that you become nourished by its essence. In this way, water alone can become your food of life.


A day devoted to tending to the earth. In the spirit of regeneration, healing, and abundance, give as much time as possible to creative work in the garden. This garden may be your backyard garden, a communal farm, your rosebushes, or a small section of your city park that cries out for loving care. The focus is on your role as a steward of your planet, and on learning to absorb life energy from the plants and to give it back again.


A day of silence. Change nothing in your daily routine with the exception of talking. Allow the world to deal with your silence, and be fully conscious of how you deal with it. Contemplate the many alternative ways of relating and communicating, and how the medium of speech at times dilutes the intensity of our relationships. Write in your journal about your experience.


A day of simple contemplation of the joy of life, the fullness of your blessings. After morning meditation and breakfast, take an extended walk in a natural setting, silently. Avoid distractions, and focus on the colors, smells, and the state of nature at this point in the seasonal cycle. If a morning walk is not possible, any time of day or night will do. The focus is on creation of a silent, meditative walk through nature, becoming one with your surroundings. Write in your journal afterwards.


Here the focus is on the sun, allowing its power and light to enter your body. Rise early and go to a place where you can observe sunrise. Begin your morning meditation as the first rays of the sun bathe your body. If possible, allow the sun's rays to nourish your naked body this day, even when the weather is cold.


A day of purification, of cleansing all the bodies of you. Carry the spirit of purification with you into the meditations. Arrange to bathe your body in a leisurely, contemplative atmosphere. Consider the connections between your own water, your blood, and the waters of life. Consider the sap in trees, the rivers, lakes, and oceans, the circulatory system of our Mother the Earth. Lengthy immersions in hot and cold tubs are of value, as is an occasional enema for internal cleansing (no more often than once a month, unless recommended for healing of a particular condition).


The inbreath and outbreath of the universe is contemplated through long periods of controlled breathing. During meditation, alternately block the left and right nasal passages, taking ten breaths through each. Throughout the day, continually bring your awareness to your breath, taking long, deep inhalations frequently. Contemplate your Stillpoint, which occurs between exhalation and inhalation. It is the point where we "die" at each outbreath and are reborn with each inbreath. Write in your journal.

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