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Essene Book of Days

How to Use This Journal

For each day of the year, there is a full page. Each page contains the daily and seasonal information which indicates the quality of the earthly and cosmic vibrations affecting your environment and your physical, mental, and spiritual bodies that day. (This information applies only to the northern hemisphere. If you were to visit a friend in Argentina, for example, the information would be valid except that you would have to transpose all points on the wheel of the year, e.g. Winter Solstice would be Summer Solstice, Spring Equinox would become Fall Equinox, etc.).

Deepening and Opening

Deepenings and Openings are simple physical activities suggested for each day, in conjunction with the Morning Meditation. Use these to intensify your intuitive spiritual connection with every day of your life.

On every page there is an opportunity to develop that intense physical connection with your world that was the mark of Essene life.

The Essenes were committed to bringing their spiritual awareness into their daily lives Ñ to make it real and meaningful and workable. If you take the small amount of time needed to practice the changing symbolic activities in each deepening and opening, you, too, will experience this blending of spirit and matter.

It will take months for the subtle intuitive awareness to permeate your body-mind. Do not intellectualize meanings into your actions of deepening and opening. Simply do the activities and allow your body and your inner wisdom to perform their magic in you. After this year of practice, then look back and observe the changes in your awareness.

Morning Meditation

It is suggested that the Morning Meditation be read aloud, if possible, immediately prior to entering a state of relaxed meditation, but meditation is not essential. Simply reading the Morning Meditation each day will work.

If you meditate with a group, the Morning Meditation is equally appropriate for sharing just prior to group silent meditation. It will create a high vibration with which the group may resonate during meditation.

Reading the Meditation aloud, even if you are alone, amplifies the penetrating effect of the vibration. (You might even try shouting it and watch the results!)

As you enter into your own meditation, simply allow the thought forms of what you have just read to float within you for a few moments and then let go of them and surrender to your meditation. If you do not meditate, then read the words again silently and dwell for a few moments on any area that catches your attention. And then let it go.

Spiritual Focus

Next, use the space in the middle of the page which begins "Today I will bring the spirit of (the quality of that day) to my (list day's activities)." Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to program your biocomputer, your brain, to include spiritual awareness as you go about your day. Each day suggests a spiritual focus from the Essene daily communions, and you can incorporate this focus into your daily activity. This raises the vibration of that activity to the higher vibration of spiritual service.

For example, on Fridays in January the focus is on what we would call Newness. The journal states, "Today I will bring the spirit of Newness to my . . .." You may wish to list some of the activities that you have in mind for the day that is unfolding before you. (See the sample page at the end of this section.) Then notice as "Newness" becomes infused into these daily activities. You do not have to "figure out" how to do it. You are working at a level of consciousness that transcends the intellect. Patience and faith and commitment are the tools for this job, not wracking your brain for answers.


This section of the page is for you to record any feelings, thoughts, traumas, dramas, joys, dreams Ñ whatever feels appropriate in your day. Months from now, you will re-read these entries and be amazed at the unfolding of your journey. You are your own best teacher, so try to make some entry each day.

Evening Blessing

In the evening, read the Blessing. You may choose to use it as a blessing before your evening meal, or perhaps as an affirmation before going to sleep. Read it aloud.

The wisdom in the Blessing attunes us to the particular energies present during that evening and at that time of year and gives much grist for the "dream mill" that turns as we sleep.

Claiming Your "Special Days"

The upper corner of each page gives the day and date. There is a line under the moon at the bottom of each page for indicating special days for you. Some holidays are already indicated in this space. We suggest you use these spaces to write in those days which you feel are important to you. For example, you might indicate birthdays, important astrological transits, menstrual cycle, your conception day, any day to which you wish to bring special awareness.

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