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Caring Clowns International (CCI) Joins ESN

By Jed "Duffy" Selter

Among us we have years of clowning experience visiting orphanages, schools and hospitals to entertain children and adults alike. Until recently, we have operated as four independent clowns. In 1999, "Scooter" (Don Hill) first visited Vietnam with Kids First, a non-profit that supports disabled children. In the next three years, "Safari" (Michael Keesling), "Coco" (Lois Kerr) and I joined in. Last month we solidified our "clown family" and formed Caring Clowns International (CCI). Earhtstewards Network has accepted us under their umbrella, and we couldn't be happier!

Now, as CCI, we travel internationally to uplift people of all ages. We help people remember how to laugh and experience joy, to honor themselves, and to respect others. We clown to heal and expand the human spirit: people-to-people, country-to-country, culture-to-culture. This is our mission.

We will be raising funds to clown, but as importantly, to start and support projects that tangibly help people lead better lives. Our long-term goals are to increase our work in Vietnam and to expand into other countries with several troupes of clowns and projects. We have already been invited to assist in South America, India and Africa.

Please contact us if you would like to support our efforts or have thoughts on how we can support you. Reach us at 1-888-888-3003 or email me at jed@jsa-results.com. Our website, www.caringclownsinternational.org, is online now.

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