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Earthstewards Network
Nicaragua Day Care Center & Preschool

Please become a part of the on-going support for this project.
If only 60 people pledge $100/year, we can easily continue to fund this center.
If you like you can pledge in two payments each year,
we'll send you a reminder letter with news from the center.
Just think about the number of children and young women in whose lives our love,
energy and dollars have made a positive difference during the past 25 years!

Yes, Lia, I want to help the Nicaragua Day Care Center continue.

Please accept my pledge of $_________ per year or my one-time donation of $__________.

Name _____________________________Address ________________________________

City ___________________________State_____ZIP________Phone _________________

e-mail address ________________________   Earthstewards Network Member? Y___ N___

Do you want to be notified when we are planning a trip to Nicaragua? _______________

Please make checks payable to:
ESN Nicaragua
Mail them, along with this form to: ESN Nicaragua, c/o Lia Rowley, 552 Gold Ridge Road, Sebastopol, CA 95472

If you would like more information, please contact me at liarowley@comcast.net

THANK YOU for your interest and support!