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2001 Spring/Summer Earthstewards Network Newsletter Articles


Here is the dilemma -- we now have some tremendously good writing coming in for the newsletter, and if we want to keep within any kind of affordable budget, unfortunately some articles don't make it. I don't envy Rosemary Jones the decisions she has to make when she is putting the newsletter together.

A less than/more than completely satisfying solution is to post them here on the Earthstewards Website. I say "less

than" completely satisfying because, although many people will still get to see them, seemingly only those that are on line will be able to. Another part of the solution might be if you are on line and see something you know a friend might be interested in, run a printed copy out for them to read. That would work well for everyone.

The "more than" part of this solution is that the articles will be open to a wider audience than just the Earthstewards Network. The Newsletter goes only to members, the website is accessible to anyone that logs on to it, thus more visibility.

We have three wonderful articles submitted for the Spring/Summer 20001 Newsletter that did not make it to print. Please take the time to check them out, and once again, if you know of someone who might be interested in one, or all of them, run out a copy and give it to them. You'll be doing everyone a service.

Nothing Has Changed and Earthstewards Fire written by Barbara Clark

My Experience With The 'Third Circle' written by Rita Froesch

Earthstewards – Transforming My Life written by Morgine Jurdan

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