2001 West Coast Gathering

The Western Earthstewards Network would like to invite all Earthstewards and guests to come together again at Lost Valley Educational Center, Dexter, OR, Thursday June 14 through Sunday June 17, 2001. Pricing will be similar to last year's, ranging from $115 to about $200 including meals and lodging.

We have also been given a special invitation and pricing to add a pre-gathering Naka-Ima workshop June 8-11. Eleven Earthstewards did the Naka-Ima together as a group before the 2000 gathering, and the workshop deepened us as a group. Earthstewards are offered a sliding scale price for Naka-Ima of from $200 to $500 which includes meals and lodging.

Russ Reina, workshop coordinator for Lost Valley also offers Earthstewards a special incentive to do it all and have a special three-day price to bridge the end of Naka-Ima on Tuesday and the beginning of the gathering on Thursday. People who want to stay over can pay $10 per day (total of $30 for food and lodging) for Monday through Wednesday nights and participate in a garden program which will involve five hours per day Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. The garden program will be a guided learning experience that will involve hands-on instruction, part of a program that Lost Valley is developing that establishes mutually beneficial relationships both personally and with the land.

These ten days in June 2001 promise to be a wonderful hands-on life-changing event for all of us.

Lost Valley Educational Center is an "Earthstewards" project itself, in that it was begun 12 years ago by a group of Earthstewards at the 1988 ES gathering at Harbin who were committed to exploring land-based community. It has grown through the years to be a principal player in the permaculture and sustainable culture educational field. Publisher of the deep ecology magazine, Talking Leaves, Lost Valley can be found on the Internet at

To get your name on the list for the 2001 Western Earthstewards Gathering, send your name and address to Barbara Clark, 2310 Hillside Drive, Eureka, CA 95501, or to her e-mail at If you want to be part of the planning process, you are most welcome. If you want more info or to register for the Naka-Ima, write Larry Kaplowitz directly at

There is still time to register for Gathering at Lost Valley. A minimum of 25 is requested by Lost Valley, so please call Jim Brende soon if you plan to attend at 415-435-8642 or email him at Below are those registered to date.
Leslie Lightfall Oregon
Gary Herring Washington
Rita Froesch Switzerland
Ursel Kammann Germany
Cynthia Cutting Oregon
Jim Brende California
Judy Love Washington
Alan Berick Oregon